Discover Colombia's Finest Instant Coffee Cubes - Limited Time Offer!


Get cafe COLOMBIAN quality
coffee without paying more.

From taste and enjoyment to quality and convenience, Central Mountain Coffee Kubbees® hits the mark.



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Pour Water
Or Milk Into Cup

Pour hot water or milk into a
cup (7-8 oz / 200-250 ml).

Add Kubbees
Into Cup

Add 1 Kubbees for soft taste
and 2 for a strong taste.

Stir And

Stir for around 40-45 seconds
until the Kubbees dissolve. Enjoy!

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Marie G.
Reviewed in the United States on April 23, 2023
Flavor Name: Capuccino | Size: 24 Count (Pack of 1) | Verified Purchased

It tasted good, better than I thought it would. Thank you!!!

Juan A.
Reviewed in the United States on January 30, 2023
Flavor Name: Caramel | Size: 24 Count (Pack of 1) | Verified Purchased

I will never go back to keurig again!! These cubes are amazing in taste! Very conventient and easy to make coffee!! I take them everywhere!

Best instant coffee
Reviewed in the United States on June 21, 2022
Flavor Name: Mocha | Size: 24 Count (Pack of 1) | Verified Purchased

I bought a box of the mocha for my dad as a Father's Day gift because he always drinks coffee and likes to ride his bike everywhere so they were really conventient to travel with and have a cup of coffee whenever he got to his destination. He loves it! I'm ordering another box to have when camping and my dads going to be ordering some for himself too

Lee Davis
Great taste for an instant!
Reviewed in the United States on March 31, 2021
Flavor Name: Classic | Size: 24 Count (Pack of 1) | Verified Purchased

Really good flavor for an instant coffee! I like classic... will try the flavored varieties.

Easy to prep & real coffee flavor
Reviewed in the United States on December 7, 2021
Flavor Name: Classic | Size: 24 Count (Pack of 1) | Verified Purchased

Love it! Such a nice coffee drink to have while you are hiking and camping

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Discover the world of Central Mountain Coffee, a family-owned business rooted in the United States, committed to enhancing your coffee, tea, and cocoa experience with the finest Colombian specialties. Our mission revolves around elevating your coffee moments, presenting premium coffee varieties, and crafting instant cubes crafted from the richness of sugar cane, coffee, tea, and cocoa.

Immerse yourself in the excellence of Colombian coffee, nurtured by the ideal geographical conditions of Colombia's medium-altitude regions, boasting an elevation of 1800 masl, a diverse topography featuring volcanoes and paramos, resulting in soil teeming with nutrients and minerals. Central Mountain Coffee aspires to introduce you to the exquisite coffee from Cauca, located in the southwestern region of Colombia, nestled amidst the enchanting Andes mountain ranges, right in the heart of Colombia's lush coffee belt. Your journey to exceptional coffee experiences begins here.

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How does the Central Mountain Coffee Kubbees® subscription service work?

The Central Mountain Coffee Kubbees® subscription service works seamlessly to bring the finest coffee directly to your doorstep. Once you've selected your preferred flavor from our enticing range of four distinct flavors on the product page, you'll proceed to the next page to specify the quantity you'd like to receive regularly at your home.

Upon completion, you'll gain access to your personalized member's dashboard, where you have the flexibility to adjust your subscription preferences, modify the quantities, and even switch between different flavors based on your evolving taste preferences. The user-friendly interface of the dashboard ensures that managing your coffee subscription is a hassle-free experience.

With our commitment to providing convenience, you have the freedom to cancel your subscription at any time, empowering you with full control over your coffee journey without any unnecessary obligations. Experience the joy of premium coffee delivered on your terms with the Central Mountain Coffee Kubbees® subscription service.

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What types of Central Mountain Coffee Kubbees® can I expect in my monthly subscription?

In your monthly subscription of Central Mountain Coffee Kubbees®, you can expect a carefully curated box of the specific flavor you choose from our selection of four exquisite options available on this page. Each box contains 24 cubes of premium Colombian instant coffee, crafted to deliver the perfect, rich flavor profile you desire.

Our unique coffee cubes are designed to provide the ultimate convenience, with each cube conveniently serving one delicious cup of coffee. Whether you opt for our classic blend, a bold roast, a flavored variation, or a unique single-origin option, each month's delivery promises to elevate your coffee experience to new heights. Enjoy the convenience and excellence of Central Mountain Coffee Kubbees® in every monthly subscription box.

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Can I customize my subscription to receive specific Central Mountain Coffee Kubbees® varieties or blends?

Yes! You have the complete freedom to customize your Central Mountain Coffee Kubbees® subscription to receive any specific flavor or blend of your choice, and you can make this change at any time. Whether you're craving a different taste experience or eager to explore our diverse range of offerings, you can seamlessly switch your subscription flavor selection to suit your evolving preferences.

For any assistance or queries regarding flavor customization or subscription modifications, our dedicated support team is readily available to help. Feel free to reach out to us at, or conveniently manage your preferences by logging into your personalized member dashboard. Enjoy the flexibility and convenience of tailoring your coffee journey with Central Mountain Coffee Kubbees® to match your unique taste preferences.

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Is there a minimum commitment period for the monthly subscription?

Yes, there is a minimum commitment period of 30 days for the Central Mountain Coffee Kubbees® monthly subscription. We believe that this time frame allows you to fully experience the richness and quality of our coffee offerings. However, if for any reason you decide to discontinue your subscription, you are free to do so at any point within the 30-day period, with no questions asked.

Should you require any assistance or have any questions regarding your subscription, our customer support team is readily available to help. You can reach out to us at any time via our dedicated customer support channel or email us at We are committed to ensuring your satisfaction and making your coffee journey with us as seamless and enjoyable as possible.

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How often will I receive Central Mountain Coffee Kubbees® shipments with the monthly subscription?

With the Central Mountain Coffee Kubbees® monthly subscription, you can expect to receive your shipments like clockwork every 30 days. This regular delivery schedule ensures a consistent supply of our premium coffee cubes, allowing you to savor the rich flavors and aromas of our carefully selected blends without interruption.

For your convenience, should you wish to make any changes to your subscription, such as adjusting the delivery frequency or modifying your flavor preferences, you can easily do so at any time. Simply log into your personalized dashboard to manage your subscription details effortlessly, or get in touch with our dedicated customer service team for any assistance or inquiries you may have. We are committed to providing you with a seamless and delightful coffee subscription experience at your preferred cadence.

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Can I adjust the frequency of my Central Mountain Coffee Kubbees® deliveries to match my consumption?

Absolutely, to cater to your specific consumption patterns, we offer the flexibility to adjust the frequency of your Central Mountain Coffee Kubbees® deliveries. You can choose from our convenient 30, 45, and 60-day delivery options, allowing you to tailor the shipment cadence to precisely align with your individual coffee consumption needs.

Whether you prefer to receive your supply more frequently or opt for a longer interval between deliveries, our subscription service ensures that you have the freedom to customize the delivery schedule based on your unique preferences. Enjoy the convenience of a coffee delivery plan that adapts seamlessly to your lifestyle and coffee-drinking habits, making your coffee experience with Central Mountain Coffee Kubbees® as personalized as possible.

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How is the freshness of the Central Mountain Coffee Kubbees® guaranteed during shipping?

The freshness of our Central Mountain Coffee Kubbees® during shipping is meticulously ensured through a combination of expert packaging and preservation techniques. Each of our Colombian instant coffee cubes is carefully sealed to safeguard the rich flavors and aromas, guaranteeing an extended shelf life without compromising on freshness.

Our commitment to preserving the quality of your coffee order extends to our use of high-quality, durable shipping materials, which provide maximum protection during transit. Every package is handled with care and attention, ensuring that your coffee cubes arrive in impeccable condition, ready to deliver an unparalleled coffee experience.

Rest assured that from the moment you place your order to the instant you open your package, we prioritize maintaining the peak freshness and quality of our Central Mountain Coffee Kubbees®. Experience the exceptional taste and aroma of freshly brewed coffee with every cube, right in the comfort of your home.

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Can I easily pause or cancel my Central Mountain Coffee Kubbees® subscription if needed, and what's the process for doing so?

Certainly, you have the convenience of pausing or canceling your Central Mountain Coffee Kubbees® subscription at any time, without any hassle. If you find the need to temporarily halt your deliveries or discontinue your subscription, you can easily do so through two simple methods.

Firstly, you can reach out to us via email at, where our dedicated customer support team will assist you promptly with your subscription adjustments. Alternatively, you can access your personalized dashboard, where you'll find user-friendly options to manage your subscription settings effortlessly. Whether you wish to take a brief pause or discontinue your subscription entirely, we ensure a straightforward process that prioritizes your convenience and satisfaction.

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